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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Rain of Life!

Alas! Life giving rain has come! Summer is officially over. Although I'm sure we'll get hammered a time or two  again before our first "Blue Norther" storms down from Canada. The rain broke the drought and for that we are most grateful. The temps have dropped into the comfortable zone. "The Big Bake of Ought Eleven" is just a fading memory. Fall is definitely here. Most civilized.. The Fall season in South Texas is one of the best. It's unsung and unheralded but for those of us who have to slog our way through the serious sweat of the summers it's the time of year when we exhale. We live for this. The days are comfortable. There's freshness in the air. The sky is the most beautiful shade of clear blue.

The best yet is that it's the start up of the Fall Festivals. And San Antonio loves her festivals. The Oktober Fest will be in full umpah swing in a matter of days. Here in La Villita we will be having our "Art Walk on First Friday". Come by and check out the jazz and artists in the plaza and the shops will extend their hours.

In my neck of the Village, we have a Triumvirate of my neighbors; Village Weavers and Alejandro Sifuentes' Equinox, who will be hosting our own version of an Oktober Biergarten. We'll throw some sausage on the grill and share some good eats. Alejandro loves to grill and we love to eat whatever he cooks. So pencil us in and drop by.

At Bonsai Arbor, we'll be trotting out the first of our Mini Bonsai Hollies. They are so cute. They're full of tiny white flowers and are just beginning to set their green berries. As we get closer to the Holiday Season and have a few cold snaps, the green berries will turn red. They are already trying to color up but the persistant hot weather is discouraging them from doing so. With red berries they make for a most unique Holiday centerpiece. Our Green Island and Mistletoe Figs are in season. Plus our standards are in full display in the shop. The Fukien Teas are full of blooms. The Zelkova Elms and Scheflera have full dense canopies of leaves and their trunks have sized up and tapered nicely.

Don't miss our SALE on Junipers. In celebration of our "First Friday Art Walk" kick off I will have some very nice ones ON SALE.

Hope to see you that night, if not sooner.
Peace and Harmony in Bonsai,

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